FALL - Regular Ramble - Episode 26

May 6, 2022

Hello dear listener, it has been some time since the Fully Automated Luxury Luddites broadcasted more of their ramble to you. I have moved house, a very positive step in life but a disruption to this most important of undertakings. 


One order of business is that we will be removing the old podcasts while trying to maintain the interview with Greg and others, I have two reasons for this, one is that I do not currently have much of an income to speak of and the other is that it makes no sense to be speaking of impermanence and the futility of clinging and then to have a massive archive. This process should be more like radio, in destruction one often feels a sense of relief, just don't let Klaus hear me say that. Oh and the levels were a bit ropey because of my lack of attention and the shift to a new environment. They will hopefully be less variable next podcast. 


In today's podcast FALL discuss mowers; gardening; permaculture; fertilizer; a brief foray into the news of the day; more fertilizer talk; what is it?; Roger's recent excellent summary of the state of human capital; the commons; we are made of mostly nothing. 


Oh and here is the Charlie link I mentioned https://whoownsengland.org/2017/03/15/what-land-does-the-duchy-of-cornwall-own/


EDIT: The post about Alison McDowell that Drez enjoyed:


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