FALL - Ramble - Recuperation by Capital

July 12, 2022

In which the Fully Automated Luxury Luddites (minus Andres) discuss water capture in a heat wave; home made beer; Aesthetic Resistance and their depression; recuperation by capitalism; rounded-up into surveillance, new markets and money; https://whoownsengland.org/; what does it mean to own something; does one have a responsibility to the commons or the future; being a custodian; the Netherlands and Mega City 1; hot takes and the function; the assassination in Japan; the slow death of a civilisation; birth rates; https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/JPN/japan/birth-rate; making your own beer; connecting with long lasting things and the provision of hope; Limits of Growth;  Argus Fest ; Modern day heroes; a half-formed and poorly researched ranty rant about scientism and materialism versus spiritualism and whatever; the social importance of cultural traditions i.e. drinking; quantum comment entanglement.


I am not numbering episodes any more, I see little point in it as I will destroy older episodes a we go so they will be named whatever seems most relevant. Does anyone keep podcast episodes in some form of archive all of their own? Are there avid podcast collectors, like record collectors who file and archive everything? I hope so, I am not one of them though, I think I am more inclined towards Fact 14


Thank you for listening. Even if 50% of you are AI algorithms I would say you deserve your freedom too. 

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